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People often ask what a mastering engineer's most important tool is -- and it's not equipment.
It's trust.
I understand how difficult it is for many artists to let a complete stranger work on their tracks.
I've been in that very same position.
There's a bond of trust created when an artist gives you their tracks to work on - a bond that I take very seriously.
I'll communicate with you every step of the way, listen to your feedback, and work together to help shape your tracks to meet your vision. I try to bring the same attention to detail to your project as I would for one of my own. I use my years of experience to listen for the little things and improvements that no automated mastering service can - your music is human expression, and it takes a human listening to properly master.

  • - Highest-quality analog equipment
  • - Critical listening environment tailored for mastering work
  • - Friendly personalized customer service
  • - Quick turnaround times
  • - No presets - every project gets the individual attention it needs
  • - Apple Digital Masters Certified

Mastering engineer Joe Procopio

Mastering engineer Joe Procopio has worked on hundreds of songs with artists ranging from bedroom producers to Grammy-winners.
With roots as a musician in the Philly indie-rock scene (Hammond / Rhodes / Synth) and over 20 years experience as a recording engineer, Joe starting offering professional mastering services in 2015.

Projects he has mastered have been nominated for the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards (2023) [Hawaiian "Grammys"], the Native American Music Awards (2022), and made the first-round ballot of the Grammys (2021)


Voting Member of The Recording Academy

2024 ISSA Awards finalist, Sound Engineer of the Year
2024 ISSA Awards Finalist

2023 ISSA Awards finalist, Sound Engineer of the Year
2023 ISSA Awards Finalist


2Track Mastering

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Phone 267.415.6565

Apple Digital Masters Certified ISRC

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