Mastering Studio Equipment

You like gear. I get it. Me too.
We use only high quality analog processing and detailed monitoring in a well treated listening environment. Our room is designed around a Tyler Acoustics Decade D1x monitoring system providing pristine audio reproduction from 25Hz to 20kHz. Supplementing them are a stereo pair of subwoofers for checking critical sub-bass frequencies based on Polk Audio PSW-125's with modified amplifiers.


  • HCL Thermos tube mastering eq (custom Barry Porter NetEQ)
  • HCL Tesval tube mastering eq

Dynamic Processing

  • HCL Varis tube variable-mu mastering compressor

Routing and digital converters

  • Lynx Hilo Mastering AD/DA
  • Future-Retro DB Mastering Console


  • Tyler Acoustics D1x Mastering Speakers
  • dual custom powered subwoofers
  • Emotiva XPA-200 stereo amplification

DAW / Editing Software

  • Steinberg WaveLab
  • Reaper
  • HOFA DDP Player Maker

Transfer Sources / Recording

  • Otari MX-55T-M 1/4" analog master tape recorder
  • Teac turntable w/Grado, Ortofon and AudioTechnica cartridges
  • Sony SV-3700 Digital Audio Tape
  • Tascam 202 MKIII Cassette deck

Room Treatment / Miscellaneous

  • GIK Acoustics Panels & Tri-traps
  • Sterling Modular 3-bay Multi-Station
  • Argosy racks