2Track TV Music Video Channel


Want your music videos on TV?
2Track TV is a music video channel for clients of 2Track Mastering!
You can install 2Track TV for free by visiting the channel/app-store on any Roku or Amazon FireTV device or smartTV.

2Track TV hosting is FREE for any song mastered at 2Track Mastering.

Submitted video files should be MP4 format, 1080p or 720p
Videos cannot be a static image with audio.
LEGAL RIGHTS TO ALL AUDIO & VIDEO CONTENT MUST BE OWNED BY THE ARTIST. If your video is a cover-song, contact us to provide proof of proper licensing.
Please enter the Artist/Band Name and Song Title EXACTLY as you want it to appear on screen.
Please use the CONTACT form for special requests or multiple videos.

2Track Mastering reserves the right to decline hosting of any video at its sole discretion.

Please be patient when uploading videos.
A blue bar will indicate progress in the file section above.
The form will reset when complete.
Large videos can take several minutes depending on your connection.
2Track Mastering

If you prefer, I can also be booked through the following sites:

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Joe Procopio on EngineEars.com

Joe Procopio on SoundBetter.com

Joe Procopio on Fiverr.com


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