Donate to our record lathe fund.

TLDR: You want records - we want to make them for you. Record lathes are very expensive. Please help us buy one.

The Long version:
Most lathe-cut records are made using restored machines from the 1940's and 1950's, and the sound quality of such machines is generally fairly poor by todays standards. Very very few modern alternatives exist.
Once such machine is currently in development and offers many modern upgrades and features found only on the highest-end machines previously. The sound quality of this new machine rivals that of machines 10x its price.
BUT, a machine like this will cost upwards of $5,000 for a mono system, and nearly $10,000 for a stereo system.

If we can act soon enough, we can be one of the few mastering services in the country to acquire a new system like this, and we'll be able to make you some of the highest quality lathe-cut records available anywhere.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a tax-deductible or charitable contribution.
2Track Mastering is a for-profit business - any funds donated will be put towards the purchase of a record lathe system.